For the calendar year that taxes have been correctly withheld by my employer tax due equals tax withheld that the BIR Form No. 1604CF filed by my employer to the BIR shall constitute as my income tax return and that BIR Form No. 2316 shall serve the same purpose as if BIR Form No. 1700 had been filed pursuant to the provisions of RR No. 3-2002 as amended.. DLN Certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld Republika ng Pilipinas Kagawaran ng Pananalapi Kawanihan ng Rentas Internas July 2008...
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Welcome to answering how to calm my name is Jeff and I'm going to show you how to compute your income tax using the BIR stacks table so this is perfect for people who would like to know how to compete their income tax maybe you're thinking that your employer is deducting too much tax on your salary or just wanting to know how to compute it so you'll be able to know how much you'll be getting this coming payday after taxes how to use a vir stack stable it is so easy you see a lot of information there you see a lot of numbers formulas rows and columns but don't worry about it I'm going to show you on how to use it I created a step by step process that I created only four simple steps on how you can compute your income tax so don't worry about those information just focus on the things that I'm going to tell you and you can get the tax amount as easy as one two three so this is the tax table for you to download it I just click the link below you'll be able to see a link there for you to download it from BIR this is the updated table it's updated last 2009 but I'm going to change it let's say if there's going to be changes about the tax table if they're going to update it that'll also change the link below so just check that out again you see a lot of information here but don't worry about it I'll show you how to use it so just to set your expectations there are a lot of ways for you to computer your total income companies have different ways on how to compute your daily rate allowances how do they pay you also have different rates on night differential but getting your tax income there's only one way for you to get it and that's what I'm going to show you so slows you know the amount that needs to be taxed and you should be able to get the exact amount or the exact or same result so before we compete your income tax again you have to have by now the amount that needs to be taxed and that is the total taxable income there are a lot of types of income but these incomes right here these are the taxable income it compels of your basic salary overtime pay night differential pay hazard pay they pay and for you to know the incomes that are subject to tax talk to your employer and don't get confused with the non-taxable income these incomes right here the non taxable income we call it the minimis meaning its privileges of relatively small value it's basically a very small income that doesn't have to be taxed but there is a certain criterias for that for it not to be taxed let's say for example the rice allowance rice allowance should not exceed one thousand five hundred pesos per month so if your rice allowances exceeds one thousand five hundred then it's going to be subject to tax for you to get all the details about the non-taxable income I posted a link below for you to download it there's an article for that on how you get it as well as the criterias for these allowances or these incomes so I'm going to be using my income as an example so let's say my...